The Hollowed Harvest
COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Given the uncertainty and fluid nature of the COVID-19 crisis, if the situation continues to evolve in such a way that would prevent us from having guests visit the event on foot we have arranged for a last resort, contingency plan that will still allow you to enjoy the entire show from the safety of your car.

The Hollowed Harvest was engineered with this contingency plan in mind meaning that you would still get to enjoy the exact same displays and colorful landscapes created by our 7,000+ Jack-O’-Lanterns! For comparison sake, similarly to how drive-through restaurants are permitted to operate, the Hollowed Harvest could be enjoyed entirely from the safety of your vehicle and would operate with a check-in window to dramatically reduce human to human contact.

In the event we are compelled to activate this contingency plan, we will automatically issue prorated adjustments for all orders so that you and your family may attend the drive-through version of the Hollowed Harvest without exiting your vehicle. For each order placed through our website, we will return all funds minus the first $30 of your order which will cover the cost of your car-load pass. Please note that in accordance with our refund policy, we will not be issuing “full refunds” only “adjustments” to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe, enjoyable experience at the Hollowed Harvest!

In closing, we recognize that everyone is very excited to attend the Hollowed Harvest, and have created this plan only as a last resort to ensure that despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis that everyone’s favorite fall activity (not to mention Halloween in general) still goes on!

Please note that by purchasing your tickets to the Hollowed Harvest you agree to having your tickets automatically converted to drive-through car passes in the event we activate this contingency plan.